In this Article we are going to learn Daily Life Sentences In Sanskrit Language is the one the many mediums used by us to communicate inter-personally. A specific language which is learnt will only be useful to us only if we know how to use it in daily life.

It may be when we converse with a friend. It may be when we meet a new person. It may be a conversation between our parents and us, or anyone.

So, now to learn some very frequently used phrases and sentences in our daily life, please study the given list of sentences which will come useful in your daily usage.

There will be different scenarios where you will have to use different phrases and sentences. Below we have sorted these phrases in their respective categories.



Sanskrit Phrase English Translation
     हरिः ! Hello!
सुप्रभातम् | Good Morning.
शुभरात्रिः Good night.
धन्यवादः Thank you.
क्षम्यताम् Excuse me.
स्वागतम् Welcome
चिन्ता मास्तु Don’t Worry.
पुनः मिलामः Let us meet again.
साधु साधु/समीचीनम् Very Good.




भवतः नाम किम् ? What is your name? (Masc.)
भवत्याः नाम किम् ? What is your name? (Femn.)
मम नाम ‌….. My name is …
एतेषां विषये श्रुतवान्  | I have heard of them.
भवान्/भवती कस्यां कक्ष्यायां पठति ? Which class are you in?
भवतः ग्रामः ? Where are you from?
मम ग्रामः ….. I am from …
कुशलं वा ? How are you?
गृहे सर्वे कुशलिनः वा ? Are all well at home?
अहं देवालयं/कार्यालयं/विपणिं गच्छामि I am going to the temple.




तथैव अस्तु Let it be so.
जानामि भोः I know it.
आम्, तत् सत्यम् Yes, that is right.
समीचीना सूचना A good suggestion indeed.
ओहो ! तथा वा ? Oh! Is that so?
किमर्थं तद् भवति ? Why can’t that be done?
उपविशन्तु Please sit down.
प्राप्तं किल ? You have got it. Haven’t you?
प्रयत्नं करिष्यामि I will try.
तद् अहं ज्ञातवान् I didn’t know that.
तत्र कोऽपि सन्देहः नास्ति There is no doubt about it.
भवतः समयावकाशः अस्ति वा ? Are you free?
अद्य भवतः कार्यक्रमः कः ? What are your programmes today?
यथा भवान् इच्छति तथा As you wish/say.
मां किञ्चित् स्मारयतु Please remind me.
तं अहं सम्यक् जानामि I know him well.
यत्किमपि भवतु Happen what may.
तद्विषये चिन्ता मास्तु Don’t worry about that.
मम किमपि क्लेशः नास्ति It is now trouble to me.
तदहं बहु इच्छामि | I like that very much.

These phrases and sentences given above can be used in daily life. We hope these come handy to you in any situation in your daily life.