Concepts like participles, the gerund, the passive forms can all be studied without studying the verbs, however, it is essential to study the verbs and how they assist with construction of the sentences in Sanskrit. From this chapter onwards,we shall deal with  six remaining verb classes and three remaining forms dealing with class.

Up until now, the learners have been exposed to only two kinds of verbs, Atmanepada and Parasmaipada. However, there are ten verb forms each of them are used in sanskrit. There are six tenses which we are yet to deal with.

Let us then begin with those four verb forms that make the use of ordinary verb stem. These four are a follows:

The ordinary past tense-I went.

The present tense-I go.

The command mood-I go!

The option mood-I could go!

In the following pages, we shall deal with The coomand mood, the option mood and the ordinary past tense.