Till now we can say that you are very much aware of Sanskrit grammar basics and its pronunciation. Now it’s time to go one step forward. In this section, we are going to learn about the nouns, past passive participle, pronouns and much more which are essential in the process of making sentences.

Now, what is the thing in this section?

Use of traditional system of roots-
So far we have used the new system of roots, but from now on we are going to use the traditional system of roots as it will be more helpful for you to understand the importance of the traditional system of roots. The traditional system of roots is used everywhere, right from the guidebooks to Sanskrit articles. Everywhere you are going to find them. Hence it becomes more important to leave the new system behind and learn the traditional system of roots.

In this section, we are also going to learn new verses of Bhagavad Gita through examples.
We will also change the pattern of examples here,

फलान्य् अश्वो नरश् च गच्छतः → फलान्यश्वो नरश् च गच्छन्ति
phalāny aśvo narāś ca gacchanti
The horse and the man go to the fruits

तत् फलम् इच्छामि → तत् फलमिच्छामि
tat phalam icchāmi
I want that fruit.

Words beginning with vowel will be combined with the words before them.