It is essential for the learners to keep in mind that “-aya” class is only formed when the stem is strengthened to the medium level.

Given below is an example of the verb of “-aya” class. The word we shall take is a cur, which means steal, pronounced as “chur”. Before we move to the table, one has to bear in mind that factors which determine the verb formation are the “person” in which something is written and the number that it refers to.

Look at the diagram given below to learn further about how “chur” functions as a part of “-aya” class and derived verb.

cur (aya, present tense)

चुर् Singular Dual Plural
Third Personचोरयति choryati.
-चोरयन्ति choryanti
Second Personचोरयसि choryasi.
First Personचोरयामि choryami
चोरयावः chorayahचोरयामः choryamah