You must be wondering, we have studied Other compounds before too. But mind you, unlike English, Sanskrit has several forms of compounds.

We all know by now that Bhagavad-Gita is a case 6 tatpurusha compound. But that’s not it; there are other 4 types of Sanskrit compounds out of which we have learned one. Before going on further, an important feature of compound needs to be discussed i.e. compounds can be classified into two categories, “Idea” and “qualifier”.

By “idea” we mean “noun word” and by “qualifier” we mean the” behavior”, or “context” or “characteristics” word. We all know that compound consists of two words in which one can be an “idea” and another one can be a “qualifier”.

Let us take the example of “dharmaksetra

Dharma ksetr


So” ksetra” represents an idea of the compound whereas “dharma” represents the qualifier of the compound. Further, we are going to study 3 more compounds to complete our compounds list. But to understand compound more effectively we will study other aspects of Sanskrit grammar too.

We are also going to learn new verb prefixes in this section, increasing our prefixes vocabulary.