In this chapter, we shall learn about how verb can be used to form  Noun prefixes.

This can be explained with an example.

Having welcomed becomes svãgatìkrtya.

Now let us deal with the two ways in which nouns can become prefixes. There basically two ways in which this can happen.

Root                Meaning
bhu                 Bhu refers to become, that is Become X.
kr                     Kr refers to do or perform, that is do X or perform X.

This can be further explained with the help of a line from”meghaduta”

स्वल्पीभूते सुचरितफले स्वर्गिणाम्
svalpībhūte sucaritaphale svargiṇām …
When the heaven-dwellers’ good deeds have become meager …

In this statement, the part svalpibhute (the first word) refers to “have become”, the whole statement refers to a situation when the deeds of those who live in heaven have become meager.