बोध् → बुध्
bodh → budh
Awaken, recognize, understand

जय् → जि
jay → ji
Conquer, gain, vanquish

स्मर् → स्मृ
smar → smṛ

The traditional roots, as shown above, are basically the weaker versions of the modern roots

भव् → भू
bhav → bhū
Be, become, arise

नय् → नी
nay → nī
Lead, guide, correct

These roots, as shown above, have weakened long vowel than a short vowel.
With the change in the system, we have to reconsider some of our rules again.
– The a+ verbs are strengthened to the medium level, and sandhi causes a vowel change to produce the roots we recognize.
– Verbs such as ao and ya are not changed.
– The primary suffixes strengthen the root to the medium level.