All of have learned English pronouns such as I, me, you, he or she. Well, same is the case for Sanskrit. Sanskrit has its own set of pronouns. In Sanskrit pronouns are determined by the first and second person. There are three main pronouns अहम् (I)  त्वम् (You)  सः (That). All of three pronouns have a different stem.

अहम् (I) is derived from मद्

त्वम् (You)  is derived from त्वद्

सः (That) is derived from तद्

So let us look at some of the most common pronouns in the different case


मद् in different cases

मद् in different casesत्वद् in different casesतद् in different casesroot-word

These are called personal pronouns. The last pronoun that is the third person varies from gender to gender. Apart from these, there are demonstrative, interrogative, and indefinite and many more types of pronouns which we will study later