The One with meanings

In this chapter, we go into the details regarding the meaning of a word in a sentence. This can be done with the help of six examples and the table given below.

SitaReeta, have you seen my pen?Reeta bhavatee mama lekhaneem drashtavatee va?Bhavatee refers to the feminine pronoun, mama refers to mine, lekhaneem refers to pen and drashtavatee vaa refers to “ have you seen”, the use of the suffix “va” would be due to the necessary emphasis on the feminine gender of the listener.
RitaWhy? Haven’t you seen it?Kimartham? Na drashyate va?Kimartham means why, na drashyate va means haven’t you seen it, even though “ you” is not explicitly mentioned in the sentence, use of “you” is implied.
SitaNot at all!Satyam na drashyate eva.Satyam means truly, na drashyate means have not seen it, eva is used to emphasize the extent of the fact that she has not seen it, and how much she is worried about it.
RitaAbout a five minutes ago,I have seen it just here!Panchnimishaat poorvam aham atraiva drashtavatee khaluPanchnimishaat refers to five minutes, poorva means ago, aham means I, atariva means just here, drashtavati khalu means seen it.
SeetaAfter I had written I had kept it at the top of the bag, but now that i cannot see it at all.Aham likhitva atraiv mama syootsya upari eva sthapitvati. Parantu idaneem na drashyate eva. Likhitva refers to writing, atraiv means here, mama means my, syootsya translates into bag, upar eva translates into on the top, sthapitvatee means placed it there, parantu means , idaneem means here na drashyate eva means can’t be seen.
ReetaSeeta, ask your younger brother once.Bhavati, bhavatyaa ha anujam ekamvaar prachatuBhavati and bhavatyaaha which correspond to you and your respectively,they are feminine second person pronouns, anujam is younger brother, ekamvar is once and prachatu means ask.

In this manner, understanding the meanings through the language one is comfortable in and then applying the rules of grammar to formulate the sentences, one can learn the appropriate use of Sanskrit language and wield it for his/her own purposes according to the requirement.