Here we are going to learn about Weekdays in Sanskrit and Just like the changes in verbs take place with the use of inflections, the words stating the position of the days keeping in mind TODAY face transformation with the help of infections.

WeekDays In Sanskrit

Sunday            रवि वासर             ravi vaasaraha
Monday          इंदु वासर              indu vaasaraha
Tuesday         भौम वासर             bhowma vaasaraha
Wednesday    सौम्य वासर          sowmya vaasaraha
Thursday       बृहस्पति वासर      brihaspati vaasaraha
Friday             भृगु वासर             bhrugu vaasaraha
Saturday         स्थिर वासर           sthira vaasaraha⁠⁠⁠⁠

Today, Tomorrow, Day after tomorrow, day after day after tomorrow and Yesterday: Making Sanskrit simpler.

All this can be explained by the table given below.

Word Meaning of the word in English. Sentence example.
adya today Adya Shrukravaarasaha. Today is Friday.
Shvaha tomorrow Shvaha shaanivarasaha. Tomorrow is Saturday.
Parashvaha Day after tomorrow Parashvaha bhaanuvaasaraha.Day after tomorrow is Sunday.
Praparashvaha Day after day after tomorrow. Praparashvaha somaavasraha.              Day after Day after tomorrow is monday
Hyaya Yesterday Hyaya Guruvaasarha.      Yesterday was Thursday.

It can be noticed through this table, especially the first column which makes it apparent to anyone willing to notice that learning this language of the elite becomes easier once the learners get acquainted with the manner in which inflections play a role in the Sanskrit language.

Friendly advice: Begin with using Sanskrit terms in the language you are comfortable in and then proceed towards formulating whole sentences. In this manner, the learner would have more time to gain familiarity as far as a pronunciation of a new language is concerned. And let us face it, immaculate pronunciation like icing on the cake of accurate grammar.