As kids, while learning English, a lot of emphases was put on the words which can convey the kind of good manners instilled in one. In this article, we bring you the same in the Sanskrit language. The table below refers to different words that indicate good manners in Sanskrit.

English Sanskrit An example or extra information (wherever required)
Good morning Suprabhatam
  Namaskaaraha, Namaaste These words would mean “the divinity in me bows to the divinity in you”.
Good afternoon Shubhamadhyahnam
Good evening Shubhasaayam
Good night Shubhraatrhi
Thankyou Dhanyaavadaha
Welcome Suswagatam
Excuse me Kshamyatam
No worries Chintaamastu
Please krapyaa Krapayaa atra agachchatu,  which means, “please come here”.
  Kim bhoho Which means “hey, whats up”. Kim bhoho is highly used in Sanskrit language, it is an indeclinable.
Sir/madam Shreeman/ aarye/maanye Shreeman krapaaya atra aagachchatu, which means “Sir please come here.
See you again Punaha milaamaha
Okay Astu Astu, aham gachchami. This sentence would mean, “Okay, I am going”.

Well, manners convey in abundance about the speaker, so we better learn them! (Please note:  Given above are the basic words which would convey the politeness in the manner of the person, however, learners can have their choice of words to convey the same).