It is important to note that the most important part of any sentence is the verb, so verb has to be kept into consideration when one indulges in sentence construction especially in a language which has to be dealt with from the basics. The element that determines the way a verb functions in the simple sentences is called root form of the verb, root form in Sanskrit is known as “Dhatu”.

The transformation of the root form depending on the requirements of the sentence is based on three factors, the number, the tenses, and the person that the sentence interacts in. However, it does not depend on the gender, gender is one factor that is not taken into consideration while formulating the use of the verb form within a sentence. This can be explained with the help of a few examples.

simple sentences

Now let us take the example of the persons,and how changes take place in the word depending on how the person affects the sentence, let us take the example of the sentence, Tvam Pathasi, which means you are studying, the verb in this sentence is Pathasi amd the sentence is in the second person. Now let us look at what happens when the sentence is changed to the first person. The sentence is than written as Aham patthami, in which the verb form is patthami, which as you can see, has changed.

Furthermore, one must at all points in time keep in mind that Sanskrit is a language based on inflections. Therefore, take a look at the diagram given below.

simple sentence

It is in this manner that the system of infections can be used by the speaker to decide the verb form and formulate or transform the sentences accordingly.