In this article, there are a few examples of conversations between the characters we met in the previous chapter. Looking at these conversations will enable the learners to attempt the exercises that will be presented to them in the next article.

Basic Conversions between Two Friends

English Sanskrit Sanskrit
Rohan :- Hi, Sohan Rohan :- ram ram रोहन :- राम राम सोहन
Sohan :- Hi, Rohan Sohan :- ram ram सोहन :- राम राम रोहन
Rohan :- how are u? Rohan :- katham asti bhavan रोहन :- कथं अस्ति भवन
Sohan :- I am fine How r u? Sohan :- aham samyak asmi. bhavan katham asti सोहन :- अहम् सम्यक असमी. भवान कथ अस्ति?
Rohan :- I am also fine Rohan :- aham tu samyak asmi रोहन :- अहम् तू सम्यक असमी
Sohan ;- Where are you going? Sohan :- bhavan kutra gachhati सोहन :- भवन कुत्र गछति ?
Rohan :- I am going to Hospital Rohan :- aham chiktsalayam gachhami रोहन :-  अहम चिकित्सालयम गच्छामि
Sohan :- oh what happend? Sohan :- aree! kim abhavat? सोहन:- अरे ! किम अभवत
Rohan :- Sligh Fever and where are u going? Rohan :- eeshit jvar bhavati. bhavan kutra gachhati? रोहन :-  ईशित  ज्वरं अस्ति , भवान कुत्र गछति
Sohan :- I am going to Temple Sohan :- aham devalayam gachhami सोहन:-  अहम् देवालयं गच्छामि
Rohan :- Ok you continue, i will also go Rohan :- astu bhavan pravartate aham api gachhami रोहन:-  अस्तु भवान प्रवर्तते अहम् अपि गच्छामि
Sohan :- bye Rohan Sohan :- astu ram ram rohan सोहन:- अस्तु राम राम रोहन
Rohan :- Bye Sohan Rohan :- ram ram sohan रोहन :- राम राम सोहन


English Aren’t you Alex?
Sanskrit Bhavaan Alexaha khalu?


Please note: You in Sanskrit is now the first word and “Aren’t”  is the last, following the law of adding “aha” to the Masculine proper noun, Alex has become Alexaha.

Some more examples of the similar kind given in the table below.

English(Alex) Yes. You are Sita. Aren’t you?
Sanskrit Satyam. Bhavati Sita va?  (Use of bhavati indicates adherence to a change in the word used for the pronoun of “you” in Sanskrit language)
English(Sita) Sure, I am. Where are you nowadays?
Sanskrit Aam! Aham Sita eva. Bhavaan idaneem kutra asti?
English(Alex) I am based in Bangalore nowadays.
Sanskrit Aham idaaneem bengalooru nagare asti
English (Sita) What do you do for a living there?
Sanskrit Tatra kim kaaryam kurwan asti?
English (Alex) I am an administrator for an organisation, over there
Sanskrit Tatra aham ekasyaha samsthaayaaha prashaasakaha asmi.


It is important for the aspiring learners to understand that the website can teach them rules, it is up to them, to apply those rules and see to it that their vocabulary, as well as the insight of the language, is enhanced through practice.